Hi! I’m Michele! Welcome to my Lively Kitchen.

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A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Ringgold, Georgia and I am a true southern girl at heart.  I live in Palm Beach, Florida with my amazing wonderful husband Roger.  We have two beautiful daughters, Brittni and Julie, two handsome sons, Roger Jr and Ryan and four fur babies. Three Teacups Yorkies, London, PJ and Teddy and a chocolate Labrador, Sophie.  All of our children are now grown, getting married and/or having babies.  BUT…no matter their age they always come back home for some of Mom’s cooking.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a Mom. I never really wanted a career other than being a country singer. When our children got older and I started throwing birthday parties, that is when I found my love of cooking and party planning. I love good food, chocolate and my dogs. I am a Food Network junkie. I didn’t go to culinary school but I have put myself, and my family, through years of watching countless food shows and cooking those meals for dinner. So basically I have a Food Network culinary degree. My dream would be to go to the Hamptons on a cool fall day and cook with Ina Garten at her home! A girl can dream! I just love the whole process of planning the menu, the party theme, the tablescape for a holiday or birthday, grocery shopping (I REALLY love grocery shopping), preparing and plating the food.

"Learn to cook up something beautiful"

-Michele Ralston

About My Book

Food is my love language. It makes me feel good to cook something for my family and friends. My family is everything to me! Food is how I share my love on a plate and at the end of a meal when their plate is empty, or even licked clean – yes that has happened, my heart is full. It’s about the love for the people at your table and the special moments you create.

I love to take recipes and adapt them for my family and what they like and don’t like. I like to make recipes easy and approachable. Cooking should be fun and easy…not complicated and confusing.

Simple ingredients + simple directions = delicious food.

My Lively Dishes are made with love. I hope you love making and enjoying making them with your family as much as I have over the years with mine!

Buy A Lively Dishes Thanksgiving Cookbook

"Recipes for special family moments"

-Michele Ralston

A Lively Dishes Thanksgiving Cookbook

This book is designed around one simple idea - Simple Ingredients + Simple Directions = Delicious Food

Upgrade Your Food

Everything you need you to know about how to cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal. This includes recipes, pictures, step by step instructions, from me personally that I use every year. Expect to receive improvements to your favorite dishes and what you can do to enhance your meal this season.

Create Memories

Everything I focus on is to create a memorable meal for you and your family. There is nothing better then sitting down around the table and enjoying a meal. What you will learn here is to add love and most of all, quality to your recipes. I will walk you through step by step on how to do this.

Enjoy Your Family

I will bring your family closer together. I will show you how to make them happy excited and wanting to come back for more. These delicious recipes are one of a kind and made with nothing but simplicity and love.

Buy A Lively Dishes Thanksgiving Cookbook

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